Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov 9, D-blog Day!

This month is the official month for diabetes, i'm not sure why November was picked but i do know that November 14 is World Diabetes Day, and the symbol for that is a blue circle. There will be lots of info going around, contests like stop diabetes at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihYgLPfGTkM&feature=player_profilepage, buildings turning blue, blood sugars being tested (visit www.tudiabetes.com), and most important of all beach body and the american daibetes association are working together to stop diabetes.

Today I will be participating Diabetes-blog day!
What are 6 things you want people to know about you having diabetes?

1. Just because i have diabetes doesn't mean i can't eat sweets, just so you know i actually love sweets and i can have them, yes me! I just choose not to have them as much as i can because i know it's not good for me, buy hey wait again there not good for you either huh? I won't starve myself, but i will practice self control when i can. Which leads to number two...

2. If i mess up don't point it out, i'm only human and i'm not always going to at the top of my game. Wouldn't you agree it gets boring being perfect all the time? Sometimes that's how i feel about diabetes, i get tired of checking, i get tired of figuring out healthy edible stuff to eat, i get tired of worry about diabetes. So when i slip up i usually know it, but please keep your comment to yourself because when you slip up i never say anything.

3. If your scared of needles or you hate the thought of needles, please be a little bit more sympathetic to me at least. When you say you would rather die then have a shot, i hope your exaggerating because i know for a fact if it depend on your life you would do it, it would be hard but you would do it. Pain is part of life, but needle technology has gone a long way and they are alot thinner and smaller then you think.

4. Thank you for the diet tips but you have to realize that not all diet tips work for me, and i'm not referring to my diabetes, i'm referring to how I AM with MY diabetes and MY BODY. It's okay to give me some ideas, but don't give me the "you HAVE TO do this line.".Everybody is different, no one person is the same, so just like you i have to find what works for me.

5. Diabetes is a lot harder then you think, sometimes people don't understand why it's so hard when all you have to do is take your medicine. Well breaking news it's alot more work then taking your insulin, it's constant testing and moderating  with changes happening all the time from stress to exercise. I can't just do A + B and get result C. I wish it worked like that but every day is different and figuring out my sugars is more like the math problem in school that gave you headache, because sometimes no matter what numbers i plug in i still don't get the answer i want.

6. I don't want pity and i don't want sympathy, but you know sometimes lending a ear or hugging a diabetic can go long way. It would be nice to be able to lament my troubles to somebody without them thinking i'm going over board with one bad day. If your going to help a diabetic just listen to them and just offer them this one piece of advice, tomorrow is another day to star anew. Don't judge them and don't tell them what to do, just be a friend, sit back, relax, and don't be afraid to ask questions about diabetes.

Also help With each view until Nov-14 a child with diabetes in need gets insulin. Help us get to 100,000 view, the video is on www.tudiabetes.com


  1. I'm not sure why it's November, but I do know that Dr. Banting (who co-invented insulin) was born on November 14, so it might be because of that. Great list, btw!

  2. Exactly Allison!

    I love your 6 points. I agree and have run into each and every one of them. Just yesterday I was told I should eat Corn Flakes every morning. WHAT? LOL

  3. I love it when people tell me that I can't eat sugar. Really, then that must mean I can't eat anything because there is at least some amount of sugar in just about everything.