Tuesday, November 23, 2010

meeting kat von d

Last week i went to Kat Von D's book signing!!! The book is titled "The Tattoo Chronicles" which is her thoughts, insights, and daily life working as tattoo artist and the people she meets. The event was held at Borders thank you borders, and it was quite full. All i know is people were saying there were like a 500 people there, and they had to double up on wrist band colors. My friend and I were group 3, which mean there were 100 people before us! We showed up early and awaited to meet the coolest person on earth!! All i can remember is that i got a hug from Kat Von D, she had a wonderful smile, beautiful make up, and she looked hello tired (she had driven from up north to race down here to make it). I got my picture taken with her and she signed my book, that's when she noticed the bag in my hand. YES i bought a gift for kat von d! i was so happy to meet her and i wanted to share with her some cool beachbody stuff!!

I ended up buying her a glittery pink virgin mary coin bank and i gave her a copy of my coveted Turbo Fire sampler Hitt 5 dvd (which i got at turbo fire release party, stay tuned for that story!). Enjoy the clips and vids i got, and go out and read her book it's quite interesting and shows a totally differnt side to this wonderful women. Not only is she insightful a hard worker, but she very sensitive and truly passionate girl who is in love with love, who isn't! Also there are tons of piccs and stories of people she has encoutered in the tattoo world. Let's just say that this side of kat is not the one you get to easily see on the tv show. I Hope she loves turbo Fire it's my fave workout and i give her some businesss cards to ><! yes i did! She seemed really thankful for the gift and excited that i gave her a workout. Hey celebs have to workout to :) My next goal? get a awesome chest piece from her :)

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