Wednesday, November 3, 2010

fit club wednesday

[tuesday and wednesdays at 6 pm at Rancho Bernardo, and Wednesday at 6:30 pm in Oceanside, must sign up on]
I have been so busy busy this week, i have YET to look at my notes from the game plan event in bakersfield (from this weekend). I have definetly been slacking, but it's all for reason (not a excuse). Kind of been stressed last couple days, also had to clean the house for a inspection (which they never came), so i think i partied myself out from this weekend. Also i have been trying to work out alot, and it just makes me tired to work out i feel like i need more sleep then usual especially after tough workout!!

Sugar wise i am doing okay, not writing the sugars done but at least i'm taking my medicine, but today my omnipod decided not to work so i've been high all days (yes kiddies HIGH. (like 300), also found out i ran out of insulin after pod oculison-ed on me (stopped working basically). I'm on levemir now, diabetes is comparable to throwing a dart in the dark, you never know what number you will get or what kind of day you will have. Friday i'll start pumping again (thanks to arlene for helping me from sticky adhesive at cvs!! It is very stick indeed). Must admit it's nice to take a break from the omni pod pump, i don't have to worry about where i put it for exercise, but then i feel like i'm driving blind because i'm not used to mdi (multiple daily injections).

Eating!! Well i have been being a good girl i think, eating turkey sandwichs throwing whatever greens i can on it, blueberry oatmeal(only oatmeal i will now even dare try to eat), almond milk, salad, anything healthy i try to find my way to it. Now i have been drinking Shakeology Chocoalte the last couple days and i'm really starting to get used to the taste. I'm okay drinking it if all i add is water, but i will say it's best when you do mix it up with ice and a banana. I AM having trouble filling full, and most likely that's just me, so i'm going to try and introduce some protein. (i have been having trouble eating breakfast in the morning for a while now, before shaekology, i have trouble feeling full even though my stomach is full, it's like my brain needs something more like more protein i guess...). I will say that i think shakeology is helping with my cravings, i mean i think it's really combo of it all :exercise, eating right, keeping good sugars.... I mean i won't lie i would love curly fries or nice big juicy greasy burger, but i have to "pick my Posion" when it comes to my sugars, don't want to waste insulin on something that isn't going to benefit my body or have mucho carbs fat slow me down for a workout. I will admit i bought some twix bars :), but i'm actually really good about not eating them all at once (once again it goes back to the sugars, eating the whole bag will make me feel physically awful and have me shoting up more insulin later). I am going to keep on drinking shakeology, it taste awesome, and it definitely gives me a boost, can't wait to see where i am after a month of drinking it :).

Workouts of the week: monday turbo kick (which kicked my butt), tuesday Insanity (which was insane) and then today revabs(which i did well at, must be all that insanity :).

I know you guys don't know to much about me, but month ago i was running high all the time, staying up late till 4 am to 8 am in the morning (or sometimes just staying up period), and sleeping over 12 hours a day. I know diabetes depressed me and put me in dark super-massive black hole, but i found my way out and the good sugars keep me going every day. But i must also say thanks to Beachbody for giving me some great new friends and workout buddies, for giving me a little purpose, and for helping me be accountable for my fitness. I now go to sleep at 1 o clock now, still working on the waking up early part (no a morning person), i check my sugars and take my medicine. It's big change from where i have been the last couple of years, so thanks beachbody, thanks shakeology and coach Arlene!! Things may not be perfect in my life, but at least i'm laying down the foundation for a better healthier, complication free me.

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