Monday, November 29, 2010

diabetes top ten

Top ten things I as a diabetic don't want to hear about, revised
1.If you see making choices to not eat something because i think it would be bad for me, but then i eat something horribly high carb anyway... then all i have to  say to you is that Since i'm going to cover it with medicine i pick and choose what i will at a risk i choose to take when i want, think of it as me picking my  posion if you don't mind.

2.The food i bring to snack on or eat as a meal i cover for, therefore I don't share food, period. Also do not eat a diabetic or a girls chocolate i save those for emergency and it's not cute or funny when you take it.

3. I have no problem checking my sugar or giving myself a shot in public, and if you see me lick the tiny bit of blood left over from checking then don't freak out, i always wanted to be a vampire ya know

 4. If you see me shooting up then don't make a big deal about and DON"T give me the "oh my gosh i would rather die," because it's stupid and ignorant. So i guess i  or you should just die then? You get over it i promise, especially if you want to live

5. I don't like the diabetes police and therefore will stomp out a your evil tyranny before it evens starts. You just need to trust that i'm handling it okay?

 6. I would like to apolgize in advance for mean spirited comments i may say while low, actually i take that back most likely what i said was true i just didn't have the guts to say it till i was low!

7. I will use the diabetes card on you, it sometimes it will be legit, but i'l let you in on a secret i will use the diabetes card so i won't get pressured into drinking alcohol.

8.Think of diabetes is a another job, and if you think i complain to much then you try worrying about it 24-7. I listen to your problems you can't stop for one second and listen to mine? Diabetes isn't fun and will suck forever,but at least lend a friendly ear when i'm having a bad day and don't be judgmental.

9. Learning about diabetes is great, but please don't think just because your *insert relative* did *insert diet* or had *insert awful expereince* or *insert body part amputated* as way to relate to me.. your either going to freak me out or waste your breath.

10. I CAN HAVE SUGAR. Take that away from me and I just might kill you... I'm not even joking

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