Friday, November 26, 2010

dreaded thanksgiving day

Happy Thanksgiving everybody i hope the food wasn't to hard on your sugars! Yes it's that time of year again where we all go to our family gatherings and stuff ourselves full of good stuff like turkey, stuffing, pie and soda ( i always notice people forget the diet for me). This week and year is a little different for me because i am not around family, but was the food temptation still there? First off food tempetation is around me 24-7! Even though i wanna play devil advocates with my sugars, i can't help but wanna have cheat days every couple of days are so!

Thanksgiving can be a huge pitfull for a diabetic. I would love to just not even worry about it and unfortuanelty this holiday becomes my cheat day no matter if i'm doing good with sugars are not. It's hard to be good anytime of the year, but holidays are especially hard when you do'n want to be left out and you just want to feel normal for once and consume lots of food.( Is it funny how spending time with friends ad family always involves food or presents?). I know i'm smarter then that, we are all smarter then that, but i don't think we should feel to bad for giving in once and a while. The real big deal is making sure we don't make a habit of it. SO as much as i would love to eat pumpkin pie every day i'm not, maybe instead i'll add pumpkin to my shakeology.

Another way not to feel so bad for is to exercise which is always important no matter what!! The other thing i have to be consicious of is not to eat till i'm past full, which i still struggle with from my fast food days (which  come and go to!) and when i would wait to eat so that i coul consume alot of food. This season if you do decide to eat outside your normal means make sure to start over tomorrow, if your diabetic make sure to keep your sugars in check as much as you can.
I have noticed the last couple weeks that i get this feeling where i wake up and i don't want to do anything diabetic, i even feel this more so when my sugars aren't showing good results. I even feel this more so after a doctors appointment!! I swear after a doctors appointment i just wanna eat out, and usually i do! Yes i do because i end up hungry for some reason. Well i went to the doc and nutritionnist before the big turkey day (how convenient!). The biggest problem i'm facing right now is documenting my sugars, even though i take my medicine with my meals i can't find the best ways to tweak or fix any problems because i don't write the results down (this is whati ahve to do, check my sugar before and after meals, before and after exercise, anytime i'm low or high that could average to about 11-14 sticks a day). I tell you the truth i don't want to write the sugars down at all, why would i want more stuff to worry about doing on top of all the diabetic stuff i do already (daibetes is af ull time job, exercise eating stress just plain living affects it all the time). But i found something out that i'm not to happy about :( if i don't have my sugars in the right range, especially when i exercise i won't lose weight :( I need to look up more info on this, but it kind of makes sense. Once again it's my fault for not being able to lose weight :( even though this whole month i have been exercising and drinking shakeology i'm sabotaging myself. Isn't that how it goes for everybody when there trying to lose weight, you sabotage yourself? Diabetes gets me again!! I did tell my doc this, at least you can never get bored with diabetes because things change on you all the time (seriously what i could do a month ago i can't do now, it's aggravating). Now i do have a neat device to help me out, but it kinda depressed me the week before, i have a continous glucose montior to help me watch my sugars. Think of it as the gps of my sugars, it shows me if it's going up down left or right :) I guess my next goal is this in diabetes

1) my doc wants me to make one meal a priority that i check, so i'm choosing breakfast because i want to eat oatmeal and eggs every morning.
2) try to figure out cgm software, and do more to input info on that (which means inputing what i eat and medicine i take twice now, for the two different machines my pump and the cgm fun fun).
3) decrease my basal when i exercise by 50 percent, because my sugars need to be normal when i exercise. This should be interesting, i just hope it doesn't hinder my performance or make me go to low to quickly.

I also had a long chat with my nutritionist, she wants me eating 3 meals a day that are 45 carbs each and two 15 carb snacks, in total that is 165 carbs, around 1,400 cals, to help me lose weight. I asked her to take a look at my shakeology website to tell me what she thinks of the site, we also discussed how important it is to have carbs in your diet. Another school of thought is that low carb is the way ago, i don't support that idea and the nutritionist made a interesting point you need carbs to for the energy, no carbs means no energy! With exercise i need all the energy i can get! I like my coach's idea of eating more carbs during the day and less at night, that way you burn carbs/calories when you exercise during the day. Also talked about high fructose corn syrup, i don't eat it as much as i can but my nutritionist said that there is alot of hype around it and that the high fructose corn syrup is a problem because people drink or eat high amounts of it (think coke cola), she said some is okay. I'm going to be safe rather then sorry and just not have any, i'm also going to try and cut DIET soda out because i read somewhere that it can make you hungrier plus it has bad stuff in it anyway. SO  i learned alot of stuff this weekend on the eve before turkey day! Kinda ruined it for me in both aspects, no fun watching sugars during the holidays! no fun being a healthy stickler diabetic during the holidays either! That's why i thank god for shakeology, at least i feel like i'm trying to do some good to my body with all the nutrition in it.

Well here's to a hopefully good end to this year! I know i'm having new struggles as i try to continue being healthy, it seems old habits just want to creep back! Right now my sleep is all messed up and i don't know if this is just me but if my sleep is messed up then EVERYTHING In my life falls in my diabetic black hole, all my efforts and motivation go down and bring everything else in my life down to. I'm going to try my best to fix my sleep and make exercise and diabetes a priority this month! Tomorrow is another day to start anew my friends!

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