Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crazy Week

This week has been crazy for me!! Or should i say INSANE, because I went to SHAUN T Event in  San Diego this past weekend (hosted by the wonderful Scott Lord). I will say that morning i was not in the mood for exercise, i'm so not morning person, but i woke my butt up early and drove over and i'm glad i did because it was great seeing the room fill up with other beachbody  coaches and exercise insanity enthusiast! All my beachbody coach friends showed up and we eagerly awaited for the our special guest to arrive!! I was little nervous, but i found a great spot in the back row... THAT'S RIGHT BACK ROW, i didn't want to go up front where all the mega insanity grads were going to be and so i thought i would be safe in the back modifiying and doing waht i can...i thought i would be safe... Shaun t comes fashionably late, and whiel there setting up his mic before he enters, everybody is just staring and waiting. When i see him step into the room, still adjusting and getting ready, nobody says a word so i say "Shaun t?" and BAM he's ready and he comes straight to me and gives me a big HUG!!!! I GOT THE FIRST HUG, ME!!!!! *faint* it was such a privlege and honor to be hugged by this amazing trainer!! Right away we started to work out! Let me tell you this i don't do insanity, not yet, but i have done couple insanity workouts but this workout he did that day was lie super insanity. Most likely becuse he just finished doing ASLYUM, and he threw in some of those moves in their. I tried my best to keep up and i modifyed what i could because it's important to never stop moving! So i'm  chilling in the back doing this lunge like move when all of sudden he jumps down from stage and enters teh crowd, i think "no worries i'm in the back" and all of sudden this camera (there was a camera crew there) and shaun t appear out of no where. Shaun is yelling  "GO GO GO GO GO" and i'm like in shock i just keep moving and doing the lunges as fast as i can so i don't disappoint. I think i was part shocked, part motivated, and part mortified that i got bee lined!!! But i will say it was awesome!! i did the move with his encouragement, even if i couldn't breath after-wards. I was gald when the camera went away so i could catch my breath!!! NEVER EVER think that since your in the back your off the hook NEVER THINK THAT. The first hour workout (yes i said a hour) was great i worked really hard doing pushups of all sorts and many moves that involved using your whole body lie jumping jacks. Shaun t was nice enough to do a photo op and signging and then it was lunchtime!! After lunch we did another workout, and yes i was praying for rockin body or hip hop abs but we still got a good workout with the interesting strength moves we did. My fave move of the day was the crawl around the room. Basically we had to craw like a bear without suing our knees, it was a interesting way to meet people! At the end of the workout we ran in place and tried to go as fast as we could, shaun t had us run up to him and we were all together in a circle running as hard as we could. It was great motivation to keep on moving, after that we yelled in the camera about how much we loved Insanity! Whew! What a day what a workout! I did end up buying a shaun T tank, which i love and was surprised that the size L fit me! I also won a tshirt that says insanity and marks the day, along with all my coach friends (very lucky concidence). Shaun T did a q and a and here's some things i learned about him
1. he loves gymnastics!!
2. i asked when rockin body 2 was coming out, and he said he wishes! I guess it wasn't popular when it came out. But he loves dancing to and says who knows maybe. Let's make this happen!
3 Aslyum comes out in the end of February, it's a stand alone from insanity, it's more like endurance sports like. The ladder will come with the package
4. His main influneces for insanity was the exercises and endurance exercises they did for track in highschool
5. Shaun t once made 15 dollars a exercise class and would do it 7 days a week all  because he loved working out
6.He has his own personal trainer and goes to exercise classes!! especially dance
7. If janet jackson called to say he needed to come be a back up dancer he would drop what he was doing and go
8. shaun t eats like 30 egg whites a day ( i think he said 30 or 40 but omg!)
9. One of his fave snacks is salt and vinegar chips, he said he has reached a point where he doesn't feel guilty for eating what he wants. It's all about moderation and exercise, he doesn't beat himself up for wanting a sweat!

also he has the coolest shoes ever, there nike, yellow and black and they say DIG DEEPER on the back!!
Also i told him i think he could beat chuck norris and he said nahhhh, and i got another hug :).

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  1. Jackie, your blogs really rock! I really enjoy how you capture everything and help us feel like we are living it (or reliving it :)