Saturday, April 25, 2009


Why do you think diabetics decide to not take care of themselves or why do you think diabetics decide not to handle their blood sugar?

Being a diabetic is very hard, not acting like a diabetic is hard to, especially on your body

though a persons goal is to keep good control, a person also doesn't want to be tied down

It's really hard to be spontaneous when following a mundane schedule

When we have control of our blood sugar we have control of our diabetes, but we also have to deal with the confusing upkeep

when we choose not to take our medicine, count or carbs, or check our sugar we are trying to regain control of our life

(a life outside of the disease)

I find myself going back and forth from good control to bad control, because i want to have it all.

I want to be able to do whatever i want, and i don't want my sugar keeping me back

but if i don't do what i'm suppose to then i won't have the energy to accomplish what i need and dream to do

I want the great control, but i want the freedom to

by ignoring it, it doesn't exist

by acknowledging it we place boundaries and restrictions

but what about all the potential complications??

I believe diabetics yo yo so much because emotionally it's the only way we know to handle the disease, despite the end result

we know we're hurting ourselves, but if we can't handle it emotionally then we will never be able to handle the physical reality of it

it's the only way we don't go crazy

denail, anger, guilt, ashamed balanced with freedom, control, health, happiness

I think the answer to stop the yo yo effect is to find a balance between living your life and controlling your diabetes

Now that's the real challenge

keeping things fresh and living your life without limitations while not letting the diabetes get you down or control your life

but the enigma is

you have to remember that if you don't control you diabetes it will be hard to live that life without complications to your freedom

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