Saturday, April 11, 2009

my attempt at a diabetes poem

I'm feeling kinda weird, but part me believes this is normal
When you're on your feet all day working, your supposed to be tired
Tired when you wake up, tired in the afternoon, tired before you go to bed
Your supposed to be thirsty, drink water, and use the bathroom more
Even if it's every hour, and who cares if i drink soda to quench the thirst
I'm not feeling hungry, but i want to eat healthy, i'll eat some salad, or maybe nothing at all
I'm losing weight fast, but i don't really notice, must be all the water i'm downing
I go to the bar because i just turned 21, but after one drink i only crave one thing
water water water, add some mountain dew with grenadine, oh so yum
My friends want to stay out late, i just want to go to bed
My work wants me to come in, my energy is zapped even after a nap

My friend points out blankly that i might have diabetes, what's that??
I don't know what's wrong to me, i thought this was apart of growing up
Working hard, being tired, losing your self in the world around you
To the doc i went, she checked my sugar and said it was 500
The number meant nothing to me, must've been that moutain dew i darnk
she prescribed some pills, and shot me with some lantus
the prescription got tossed with the mail, i'll fill it when i have time

FINALLY A DAY OFF, i get to sleep in, horray! I deserve this day
Why is my mouth dry? When's the last time i ate? Why are my eyelids so heavy?
I can't breath, my chest feels heavy, i lay in bed just to fall back to sleep
My boyfriend freaks out and makes me hamburgers and salad
He read somewhere that carbs were bad, and so was sugar
The phone rings, but i'm in a another world, my frantic friend tells me to GO GO GO
To tired to fight, or worry about my lack of insurance, i go to the ER
Why do they call it a triage? There are no trees? My mouth is getting drier, it's actually peeling
The nurse asks me some questions, i honestly can't remember the rest,
I keep on falling asleep and waking back up, the nice nurse tells me to breath through my nose
It's to hard for me to do, can't i just go back to sleep, i cry?
They whisper around me, if she hadn't come sooner she would've died of DKA
I guess i have diabetes, whatever that is, but for right now i'm hooked up to this iv
When i finally do wake up, i feel safe in my hospital bed with the tv droning in the background
They said i can have as much jello as i want, but i gotta get my potassium up
The nurses laughter tinkles in the background, despite the painful pokes, i feel relaxed and safe.

I shoot an orange, i go to surgery for my MRSA, i drink grape flavored potassium, my friends visit, my work visits, diabetes educator comes, the billing department leaves me papers
The whole time i just kinda set in the background, innocent and naive to this whole diabetes thing. They leave me brochures for carb counting. I'm not really scared, maybe this is an early denial of some sorts but i actually think this is conquerable. Honestly i was glad to have answer to all the madness, it's time to live my life as a brand spanking new diabetic. If only i knew how hard it was really going to be. They kicked me out that hospital door, leaving me to feel even more alone then before.

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