Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i hate doctors

I hate doctors. Maybe i haven't found the right one but i think it's pretty expensive to go through doctors to just find the right one.

My medicine is free through LILLY CARES and SANOFI AVENTIS, (It's based on my income)

Insulin, you know the stuff that keeps me alive to begin with, kinda important

I went to the doctor to get her to help me enroll in the program and fax my prescription to them

I CALLED to remind them to do this, plus i had a A1C done and nobody called me on the results of that

I CALLED and left a message at the nurses station almost EVERYDAY, finally had to leave a message on whoever is in charge of their office

I was told to MAKE an appointment, and i did it because i was running low on medicine and wanted to do everything in my power to get them to FAX that prescription

I went to the appointment, was FINALLY told my a1c, and was told they were going to fax my stuff to L.C. and S.A t for me

THEY FINALLY DID IT, i even got some samples, because i told them once i run out of insulin i'm not taking anymore (just a threat, but seriously would have took me a while to afford it)

(special note: i have this weird phobia of not wanting to use or take medicine/diabetic supplies if i don't have money to get more, call me crazy, but i feel like i have some control of my supplies by not buying any)

MARCH 18 everything is sent to the said companies above, i get letter stating i was enrolled for Lantus, gotta re-enroll for Humalog in june.(my note)

TODAY IS APRIL 16, both LILLY CARES AND SAN.AVEN. told me the medicine arrived on MARCH 30th and March 20th


OKay..... take break... breath... i just got a call back... from the "insert whatever horrible name." docs office

They said my name wasn't on the package... i can't believe that... and that they thought it was for them....................................................................................................................

They offered to give me some solar pens for the lantus, becasuse they gave most of the vials out 0.0! They have the humalog. They said i could use the pens with a syringe, just draw it up the same way (TRUE???)

reasons i hate doctors: billing offices, front desk offices, nurses, and yes i don't even like my doctor. She's to flighty or in a hurry with me. And i know i'm not helping by NOT having my sugars written down, but who's supposed to help me while i figure that out? These docs don't take house calls. I don't even like my doctor but i can't even get the simplest help, i mean i'm grateful for all the assistance i get, but for once i'd like them to respect the person who has the disease, especially when it comes to really important medicine.

I just love being diabetic, every day makes me want to be one even more *not sarcasm*

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