Tuesday, October 26, 2010

new blog!

BRAND NEW BLOG ALERT, this blog will contain the following
  • funny happenings of a type 1 diabetic exercising
  • the strength and determination to exercise and get up out of bed to do so
  • my use of special products involving diabetes or beach body
  • use tools of beachbody to show my transforamtion from overweight to SHABAM slamming body

  • my diabetic rantings as well as general rants, and or poetry)especially haikus about diabetes),news, tips, and other types of randomness to keep me busy
this blog will also include my likes for domo,hellokitty,mychihuahuas,chalenejohnson,harrypotter,marinecorp,myhusband,funnyplacesteststripsendup
malloutings,okinawa,militarylife,obbessionwithfoodandortelevisonshows, but most of all this will be a place to promote my beachbody website and help you find the right products to get in shape :). Also i will attempt to blog and see if i like that or not... toodles.

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