Saturday, October 30, 2010

game plan event:bakersfield

Hello fellow peeps out there! This weekend i go to go to a Beachbody Game Plan Event hosted by Larry Zimberg, and let me say i learned so much i think my head will explode!!( Larry did show a head exploding several times....hey it's halloween weekend).
   First night was interesting because i had a off day, my sugars were fine but i felt horrible. I did have my shakeology that morning, and i think i might have put to much! (was to lazy to dig for the little measuring cup) it could be that and the fact that i didn't eat anything for a while after that... I attended a brief intro to beachbody, about how awesome it is :) and afterwards got shakeology to taste!
  I really liked their chocolate peanut butter mix, but the green berry mixed with orange wasn't my fave (try a banana instead!). I am learning that the chocolate and greenberry, though filled with amazing ingredients, can uniquely stand out on their own in taste, flavor, and what you add to it lol.
  FINALLY we got to work out to some Insanity and Turbo fire, get this folks, we exercised for about hour...i was right up front (because i am ham) and tried my best with insanity, i really shined at turbo fire! By that time more then half of the room left, come on turbo fire isn't that hard! (i've been doing turbojam, turbo kick for the last couple years, i'm kind of used to it's groove).
  Afterwards i got to eat with some coaches at a local diner, where one of them brought us recovery formula orangeiscle!! So good, not so good for my sugars, because even though it helps you feel so much better after a workout it does have alot of sugars. Beachbody will be releasing new formula with less sugar, which i can't wait to have in my arsenal. (by the way shaekology only has 17 carbs in it).
  After that i went to the hotel and crashed.. the next day i woke up at about 7:30 am and the rest of the day i spent learning everything about beachbody and what it has to offer people,how to go about introducing the products, and how to have fun doing it. (don't reinvent the wheel!). I met some great coaches and received book and audio cd to help with business (self motivations and stuff, personal growth), so here's to using it! I know it's only been two days, but it feels like i was gone for a week! I will post some highlights of my notes after i go through them!

Facebook status: Did you know it cost 2,000 dollars to buy a hot dog cart!? With every business you have to start somewhere, that's why i like beachbody i use the products (turbo jam p90x Insanity Shakeology) and gain so much just from that, why not get paid to get fit and share the word? Ask me about being a coach :) let's work out together!

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