Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Domo Day to All

WHY have a happy domo day??? Because today is my birthday!!! YYAYAYAYY and NAYYYY
Even though it's my birthday, i actually don't normally celebrate it...unless telling everybody it's my birthday counts..... :D:D:D:D:D I never expect anything and does make me think oh no...another year gone by what do i have to show... Well if there is one thing i will be happy about it will hopefully be that i will be pumping soon. I'm wearing the omnipod demo pod right now!!! I went to a seminar a day ago. I Learned alot stuff i already knew, thanks to omnipod user group, and here's what i can remember off the top of my head that i like
1. TUBELESS, no brainer right there
2. SMALL, getting smaller
3. INNOVATIVE, neato all in meter/pda (now if only it could play mp3s...)
4. CONTROL, i can finally stop being afraid of exercise!
oh yeah and lot stuff about atheletes and such being able to use it, i saw the video!
Things i might not like.... meter/pda is kinda bulky... i keep on knocking into things... i am not going to like this on my stomache at all...getting used to pump talk :P
but overall what's most important is that it's covered by my insurance, a women in there with her fam asked why the seminar isn't full well DUH not everybody can get this covered or knows about it. I guess Ohio is one of the last few.... plus it looks like a mutant egg hatched on my skin and is claiming my body to breed on... anybody ever watch Buffy the vampire slayer? This is why i would never will watch a egg in school (i'd hard boil it anyway) (anybody get this reference and can name the episode will be considered totally awesome in my book)
Of course you know they have to be paying Jonas brother underneath the table...
BUT i still have to wait for my docs approval... yikes. So hopefully they call me tomorrow when they see that omnipod faxed them the papers... maybe it's wishful thinking but i hope he just signs it (we briefly talked about it in the past couple times).
I wish everybody lots of forbidden cakes and cookies on my birthday, though i will not be splurging to much (trying to keep my a1c slim)... I would kill for a coke zero. :D

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