Thursday, August 19, 2010

diabetes timeline

March 26 07- my birthday! I turn 21, but the only drink i can consume is water and mountain dew
June 07- went to urgent care and they checked my sugar, 500, gave me a shot of lantus and sent me home with a prescription for pills, next day i can barely walk around walmart (i love shopping) while i wait for my prescription. Later that day i fall in and out of "sleep" even though i slept already and had inactive day, i get taken the ER they say i almost went into DKA, i stay in the hospital a few days and learn little bit from diabetes educator
Fall 07 - diabetes educator tells me she can't give me anymore free insulin, i feel like my life line is taken way. I then discover and life becomes a bit easier
winter 08- visit er couple times for high blood sugar, one women made a mean comment to me about going to er for that, basically she wondered why i bothered (in other words why get myself like this, but she was lot meaner about it). I felt even more helpless and confused.
Spring 08 - i star working 3rd shift and some how my sleep and eating get majorly messed up because i tried to keep up with my friends. I think my a1c was 8 around this time. I then meet my soon to be husband, consume all his chicken nuggets because i was low. Unfortunately i continue the habit of self medication
Spring 09- husband leaves for boot camp, my depression begins, usually stop taking medicine and lose weight. The couple times i tried to keep a good blood sugar log fell on deaf ears because it wasn't enough. One doc wanted to get me off humalog all together... crazy women
Presently-things aren't great my a1c is 11, my motivation is blah, and feel like i'm starting all over again. My sleep still sucks and it interferes with everything.

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