Sunday, February 22, 2009

new doc now

I have a new doc now...let's see if this relationship lasts! Really i just needed a doc to help write out prescriptions so i can get free medicine through lilly cares(ha like she really does, that's humalog by the way) and Sanofi Aventis (Lantus). By the way i take shots. She did the usual doc stuff, i tried to tell her the problems i've been having (constant utis, high blood sugars, trip to er for skin infection, lovely stuff). She listened but she didn't really give me any advice, and it felt rush despite the fact i was there for 2 1/2 hour. I think it's because she wants to see my a1C, lipid, and thyroid test first. So i go back in a month. My blood has been drawn, i'm on a medication to help protect my kidneys from the high blood sugar and to help my cholesterol.. Till then i'm going to try keep track of my sugars. But there were 3 weird things that she said

1. That the sliding scale is fading out, like she didn't like it because all your doing is giving yourself more medicine.

Is the sliding scale really that bad?? I find that it helps, but then again my sugar has been all over the place.

2. The snacks that i choose aren't good. I said i eat 6x a day, i really can't wrap my brain around eating 6 smalls meals. So i eat 3 meals and a snack in between every three hours, and it seems to work. But she said my choice of a banana and a granola bar aren't good. My snacks have to be filling, i eat 50c per meal and 20-30 for a snack.

Should i add more protein?? What's some good snack ideas??

3. On my why out she said that she might change my medicine, but she didn't elaborate because she wants to see the test results. I'm not sure what else i could go on? Lantus and Humalog work for me

What could she want to change???( i know it's not answerable, but i worry because i don't have money for the medicine that i take)

Is there any advice out there for the next time i go to the doc? Any questions i should ask to make sure i'm on the right track with what she wants and of course what i think is best for me? Thanks!

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